We work together with forward thinking people, whose sponsorship and patronage of the cultural sector not only places them firmly on the map of the future but also enables them to achieve a huge and varied range of benefits.

By differentiating themselves as having a greater philanthropic and cultural awareness, they are able to increase their profile and establish a wider awareness of themselves.

There is no doubt that sponsorship of the arts does tend to attract a specific audience. One that is usually more corporate, more international, has greater diversity and with better influence. Tribal India provides organisations with the opportunity to reach these particular demographic groups, which under normal circumstances and conventional routes, would otherwise be hard to address.

Sponsoring the arts builds positive connections by demonstrating your attitude and values in the minds of your target customer and by linking your brand with innovation and creative thinking.

We work with all our sponsors and encourage them to use the relationship as an opportunity for greater brand awareness and increased traffic to their websites and online marketing.

As you will be exposed to local, national and international press and media, your brand will be able to reach out to new potential clientele. Your sponsorship and patronage will also create a great opportunity for meeting and greeting, as well as having the opportunity to present to others. Both will allow for expansion and development of new business relationships on the most unique bridge between India and the UK.

If you are interested in sponsorship and patronage or would like more information about what is involved, please contact us here.